Stormwater Manager

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Posted Date 10/01/2019

Classification Title:          Stormwater Manager

Department:                      Public Services

Wage Category:                Exempt

Reports to:                         Public Services Director



Under general supervision the employee is responsible for developing and managing the City’s MS4 stormwater program. An employee in this class performs difficult professional work developing, administering, and implementing federal, state, and local stormwater requirements including developing and administering stormwater management plans, and developing and managing a public education and outreach program.


This position requires an employee to perform technical environmental work to maintain compliance with the City of White House’s Stormwater Management Program.

To plan, manage, supervise and coordinate the activities and operation of the City’s Stormwater Program, including implementation and administration of the City’s NPDES Phase II Stormwater Management Program; administration of design work and inspection of regional, commercial and residential storm facilities; development and implementation of public education programs regarding water quality and pollution prevention; development and management of water quality and drainage enforcement policies and procedures; investigation and resolution of water quality and drainage complaints and inspection of private stormwater systems.

Independent judgment is required when making decisions with a significant degree of accountability. Coordination is exercised with other professional, technical and support personnel. Tact and courtesy are required in frequent contact with property owners, consultants, contractors, the general public and other City staff.


The following duties are typical for this job.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Implement, administer and manage city ordinances, policies and activities to comply with the City’s coverage under the MS4 Stormwater Permit. Reviews and updates website with respect to stormwater;
  • Plan, organize and coordinate the daily activities of the Stormwater Program; coordinate maintenance operations, design review, investigation, inspection, and water quality programs related to public and private stormwater systems;
  • Identifies illegal connections to the storm sewer system or other forms of illegal dumping, investigates, implements and provides enforcement of the illegal discharge ordinance;
  • Prepares and presents staff reports, policy changes, ordinance revisions and other correspondence as needed; Makes recommendations as to the appropriate course of action based on field inspections and findings; Maintains post-construction BMP inspection reports;
  • Assists with the maintenance of the City’s stormwater infrastructure database and stormwater GIS systems; Develop and maintain guidance documents on use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for commercial and residential activities; manage education program regarding pollution prevention and use of BMPs;
  • Develop, monitor and control the program budget, assuring proper resources are available to fund capital improvement projects, maintenance, inspections and water quality services;
  • Coordinate and participate in the development and updating of short and long range plans, including the city’s Capital Improvement Plan; manage the review and approval of master plans prepared in support of special planning areas; review development applications for storm drainage and for conformance with city ordinances and policies, including design, calculations, and details of stormwater facilities.
  • Develop and review various engineering reports, feasibility studies, environmental documents, cost-of-service and rate studies and other deliverables; Prepare and present reports, recommendations and studies to city staff, city council, at public hearings and meetings and to private agencies and groups.
  • Represent the city in meetings involving other municipal governments and state and federal agencies; serve as liaison with federal, state and other agencies with respect to regulations and programs involving water pollution and stormwater and flooding issues; 
  • Develop and maintain communications with the public, contractors and government agencies to receive complaints and suggestions, to provide information and explanations regarding city stormwater activities and projects, and resolve disputes and conflicts as needed.
  • Provide technical expertise and respond to complex questions; resolve conflicts and interpret various codes and ordinances; develop and revise procedures as needed;  Attend and participate in professional group meetings; stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of stormwater and environmental programs.
  • Perform other related duties and responsibilities as required.


  • Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:  Thorough knowledge of state and federal environmental and stormwater rules and regulations; Thorough knowledge of City ordinances regarding development; Thorough knowledge of personal computers and related software; Ability to deal effectively with the public in high stress situations; Ability to work with public officials and outside agencies; Ability to create and implement effective public outreach and educational programs; Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Physical Requirements:  Physical activity related to this position may include sitting, standing, climbing, stooping, pushing, pulling, prying, kneeling, walking, and repetitive motions. Walking may be across rough terrain and crossing ditches, creeks and trenches as needed. The employee must occasionally lift up to 50 pounds. An employee must have such visual acuity as to read and write handwritten and typewritten material including being able to read a computer screen. An employee in this class must be able to talk and hear in order to be able to respond to the public and other employees.
  • Work Environment: Work environment may be somewhat disagreeable due to exposure to several disagreeable elements or to one very disagreeable element (i.e. sunlight, wind, snow, rain, extreme temperatures); work environment includes exposure to fuels, lubricants, solvents, and fluids; work environment may include exposure to solid waste components, herbicides, pesticides, paints, solvents, hydraulic fluids, and fertilizers; work environment may include exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac and insects such as wasps, hornets, bees, etc.; work surfaces include both indoor and outdoor surfaces (i.e. Rough, harsh, dangerous, wooded, flooded, ground surfaces and/or areas; Grass, dirt, gravel, mud, asphalt, concrete, linoleum, ceramic tile surfaces; Rain, snow, sleet, hail, ice and flooded areas and surfaces; Vertical and horizontal step surfaces); work environment demands minimal confinement with some protective equipment required, such as safety glasses, hearing protection, and work gloves. Generally, physical and working conditions are such that minor cuts, abrasions, bruises, or burns may be encountered, despite provision of safety measures and health precautions (generally no lost time results).


  • Training and Experience:  Any combination of education and experience  in environmental engineering, environmental science, or closely related field; at least one year experience working with environmental and/or stormwater regulations. Ability to obtain TDEC Level 1 certification within 1 year of appointment and TDEC Level 2 certification within two years of appointment.
  • Necessary Special Conditions:  Possession of a valid Tennessee driver's license.
Job Category
Local Government
Career Level
Entry Level

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